Current ABC report by Joshua Robertson: A statement from Serge Benhayon

Serge Benhayon statement in respone to ABC Media reports on Universal Medicine

In the wake of another error-riddled report by Joshua Robertson, now of the ABC, Serge Benhayon has issued the following statement.

To the media currently requesting comment: 

I was not involved in the research that has been subject to recent media interest and your questions perhaps should be directed to the researchers. I presume that the University of Queensland would be duty bound to investigate any complaint. Such investigations are generally confidential and therefore it is unlikely any comment can be made until the investigation is concluded. 

What I can say is this – notwithstanding the ethics process, it is interesting that in recent media coverage the actual evidence of the research in question has been completely ignored in favour of sensationalist and emotive claims. Evidence which has never been in dispute, and actually points to the emergence of a world leading health and wellbeing organisation in Goonellabah – a regional centre which is making significant strides in this area.  

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We also know that the complaint has originated from the same serial troll, Esther Rockett, who is currently being sued for defamation in two states for her obsessive activities in regards to Universal Medicine. She has so far initiated or had a hand in over 20 failed complaints to various institutions and government organisations regarding our complementary-to-medicine health organisation or those associated. These institutions have also been duty bound to investigate, sometimes at significant taxpayer expense; in each case no wrongdoing on the part of Universal Medicine was found. 

This raises an important question – will we allow scientific investigation to be thwarted by the activities of trolls, their enablers, proponents of doctrinaire and extreme science, or are we able to have a mature conversation about the science itself and the facts that are at hand?