Eunice J Minford MA FRCS Ed, Consultant Surgeon, Northern Ireland

Some people might find it incredible that as a medical doctor and surgeon I have been attending the Universal medicine workshops and listening to understandings about illness and disease from someone with no medical qualifications whatsoever. I have no doubt that many colleagues would dismiss Serge Benhayon and his presentations out of hand based on that fact alone, without even listening to what he has to say. We have an arrogance in the medical profession that the only people who can know anything about the human body are those who have studied it at medical school for 5 or 6 years, enhanced by years of medical practice and who have learned copious facts about it – yet who paradoxically have often not truly listened to their own body.

But what if there are other ways of knowing? Throughout time there have been individuals who have presented a wisdom that does not come from a book or a course or a programme – but from within themselves, some might call it intuitive knowledge – it is just known. For me, Serge is one of those people who has reconnected to a deeper source of wisdom and from there he has understandings about the human body that do not feature in any medical text book. Does this mean they are automatically to be dismissed as wrong? What if we took the opposite view and said, what if this is true? What if this is how the human body works even though it’s outside our current understanding? What if applying these understandings actually does make a difference to how we live and feel? In that way, we are at least open to different ways of understanding the human body, illness and disease and not persisting in the dogged determination that only doctors know about the human body and only what they know is right. For clearly the rates of illness, disease and suffering tell us we have much to learn about the human body and healing. That alone should give us the humility to be open to others who come with different understandings, to give them a fair hearing and to see if what they are saying in theory actually applies when it is lived.

I have no doubt myself that if people were to listen and apply in their everyday life the wisdom that Serge presents, they would feel the benefit in their own lives and bodies, as countless hundreds if not thousands already have experienced.

Whilst I have the standard anatomical and physiological understandings of the human body, Serge brings to the table the energetic anatomy, the energetic physiology and pathophysiology of how the human body works or goes into dysfunction at the energetic level in a way that deepens my understanding of the human body and explains how every choice we make impacts the human body and thus our wellbeing. Rather than dismiss these as some new-age quackery, why not at least consider the possibility that this could be the next paradigm for healthcare of the future? We are in the age of energy and information – it makes sense that we need to have an understanding of the body energetically. For me, Serge is a Master of the Energetic disciplines of the human body and instead of dismissing him I feel we should be enquiring further, eager to know and learn, we should be sapping him dry of his knowledge and wisdom or at least endeavouring to. For me, his presentations bring forth true wisdom that could potentially serve the health of humanity across the globe.

The shift from the current day physical ‘flesh, blood and bone’ understanding to the energetic understanding of the human body is the next paradigm shift that could revolutionise medical education and healthcare generally. Let us not waste this opportunity to learn from a Master of Energetic Healing, let us not look back in 50 -100 years and say ‘that guy knew what he was talking about but no-one, or very few listened to him’. How about we take a different approach and not just shout someone down because they don’t have the qualifications we expect or because they say things that are different or which challenge our way of living – instead, let’s be open to hear, to listen, to apply and evaluate with an open heart and test in one’s own life if applying these understandings makes sense and improves health and wellbeing.

For me I already know they do, I know people everywhere could benefit from them if they so choose, I know medical education could be beneficially transformed by incorporating even some of the key principles, I know that rates of stress, burnout and demotivation in the workplace could be significantly improved, indeed all spheres of one’s life can be enhanced by living and applying these teachings; for after all, they are all about bringing you back to yourself and living from the amazingness that you truly are.