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Professor John Dwyer The Conversation

On Monday 7th of May, Universal medicine reception was contacted by The Conversation for comment regarding a story.

The ‘author’ who we were later to learn was Professor John Dwyer, had not even the decency to engage Universal Medicine directly but instead sent a series of questions via a young section-editor, Alexandra Hansen.

Of Serge Benhayon’s comprehensive response to the various loaded and ridiculous questions posed by the publication, we note that not one quote made it into the article.

What results is a one-sided ‘conversation’ with Dwyer and himself, which will go down in history as one of the more blatant displays of utter denial and complete misrepresentation in regards to the evidence at hand regarding the work of Universal Medicine. So here, for the elucidation of the reader, is Serge Benhayon’s unpublished response in full.

You won’t read it in The ‘Conversation’...


Serge Benhayon statement in respone to ABC Media reports on Universal Medicine

In the wake of another error-riddled report by Joshua Robertson, now of the ABC, Serge Benhayon has issued the following statement.



Now in its eleventh year of International Philosophical Health Retreats, Universal Medicine takes a moment to reflect back on the 10 years of Vietnam Retreats thus far, to appreciate the evolution that has occurred along the way.


Serge Benhayon Universal Medicine

Each May and June, Universal Medicine UK presents its Summer program to service its growing number of international students. Serge Benhayon has been visiting England for many years now successfully presenting for UniMed UK.

Following on from a full and effective schedule of events let’s revisit a small sample of the amazing and profound moments from the European Summer season . . .



Curtis Benhayon, Kylie Jackson, Miranda Benhayon, Serge Benhayon

The 2017 Lismore Business Excellence Awards was a showcase for the excellence and vanguard that characterises business in the 2480 municipality. The overall winner being the staging of the many talented and dedicated citizens that make up our unique borough. Congratulations to the Lismore Chamber of Commerce and Industry for its dedication to local business and the eclectic merriment in which it celebrates its members. The event was enjoyed by all.

As part of this year’s honours Universal Medicine won the People’s Choice Award for their third time. It also received the Highly Commended Excellence in Health Services.

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