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Truly Deeply Beautiful - Esoteric Women's Health

Universal Medicine is profoundly honoured to present: Truly Deeply Beautiful. Esoteric Women’s Health in collaboration with Real Media Real Change have produced a film which is so unlike anything currently available.


Universal Medicine Students Play it Big

Recently the students of Universal Medicine organised an event called "Play it Big". The event took time out of everyone’s busy schedule to celebrate the amazing quality of life lived on a daily basis and the time many contribute to writing the awe-inspiring content that has been gracing the internet for the past year on the Universal Medicine Student Blogs.


Before and After Photos Universal MedicineDanielle Pirera's story - Before and After Universal Medicine in Photos.


by Danielle Pirera

This is my story of how I re-discovered 
the true, gentle and delicate me, with 
the support of Serge Benhayon, Sacred Esoteric Healing 
and Universal Medicine


From a very young age I played every sport possible, including netball, basketball, little athletics, swimming and even AFL football. I was the fastest or best at everything and I learnt that I could gain confidence or feel better about myself by winning or becoming better.


Photos from Universal Medicine's UK Retreat in Frome, Somerset, presented by Serge Benhayon.


In April 2013 Universal Medicine held its annual Retreat at Lennox Head, beside the pristine beaches of Northern New South Wales in Australia. Each day’s presentations and discussions brought insight and revelations, which built beautifully as the five days unfolded. See photos from the Universal Medicine Lennox Head Retreat at the end of this post.

As many people commented, the Retreat provided a solid foundation to support one living in respectful loving quality and presence, to observe and honour feelings, and to acknowledge and heal as one chose to. Available to all in attendance was the opportunity to build rhythms that naturally and harmoniously bring a light spark to the everyday details of daily life and relationships.

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