all of us

all of us – a new book by Serge Benhayon

TIME, SPACE AND ALL OF US – BOOK 12: all of us

Author: Serge Benhayon

Article by: Gabriele Conrad

After ‘Time’, and ‘Space’, the first two books in this trilogy, it is time for all of us; an interesting sequence, to say the least. So we are not the centre of the universe? We are not the end all and be all? No, we are not but that might hardly be ground breaking news in this day and age even though as human beings we still like to indulge in the notion that we are it – the icing on the cake, the leading species – ready to conquer space, land on this or that planet, reach far flung galaxies and export our conundrums as far afield as is and will be technically possible.

‘Time’ does away with the false shackles and notions about it, time, that we have taken on and insist on wearing; ‘Space’ tells us that all we need, have ever needed and will ever need is around and right through us; all of us is a sociological masterpiece and makes it abundantly clear that, to borrow the idiom, no man is an island and that what goes on in one corner of the world reflects on all other corners, concerns us all. There are in truth no isolated pockets even if superficially, some parts of the world look like they are better off, steeped in more comfort as they are and have seemingly made it – whether that be the standard of living in general, their GDP, health statistics or so-called measures of happiness. 

We are in this together, all of us are – in the mess we have created, whether we are personally affected or not. In many, many ways, we are all affected, even and especially when we react to the fact and try to deny it ­or defend our bespoke pocket of comfort – and the more vehement the denial, the greater the indication that this is in fact so. The millionaire in New York just as much as the beggar in Chennai, human life and its trials and tribulations, its unnecessary and self-created torments, affect and concern us all, no matter our station in life. We might be cushioned from one set of dire circumstances only to be impacted by another – there is no escaping life as we go around and around our Sun to do it all again, year after year after year.

Human incarnate life is the creation of the etheric spirit which does not care whether it has a life as a beggar, a criminal, a tycoon or a film star – as long as there is a physical body to live, think and act through, life is good, no matter the finer details. Physicality is trump and our 4th dimensional etheric spirit, which happens to be immortal, will use and abuse a body until its earthly demise and do it all again next time around, in the life and lives to come – as it has since time immemorial.

So, what chance do we have? We can come to our senses, quite literally so, and open our eyes to what is really going on, on the other side of our fenced in forever threatened security and comfort. We can arise above the quagmire of entertainment and our numerous numbing devices and go within, rediscover the fact that there is a very sensory real and tangible 5th dimensional quality that we can easily connect to, move and think, plan and act from.

Enter our Soul. And because there is no individuality where our Soul comes from, all Souls are the one Soul and thus, to leave behind the many solutions and quick fixes that we have tried and tested over the millennia, only to find that one such solution throws up more problems, leaks and crises than the one we assumed we had just triaged, it is and always has been a matter of all of us together and as one to take the blinkers off and address what we all know is really going on.

The reign of the etheric spirit over human life and the cult of individuality have not ever worked and never will. It is only all of us together that can make it work – to commit fully, get out of here and resume where we left off when we chose physicality and 3rd dimensional earthly life.

Expect to be dismayed and disturbed by what you read in all of us because it is indeed shocking when the blinkers come off and we realise the depth of our indulgent waywardness as the spirit-impulsed human beings we choose to be and the false pillars and notions we cling to for dear life; but then again, we, all of us, do know better and wiser and this book provides the context for and makes sense of this unshakeable innateness.


all of us – a new book by Serge Benhayon