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Serge Benhayon and the Benhayon Family

The new Serge Benhayon website dedicated to the founder of Universal Medicine, provides a beautiful portrait and insight into the extra-ordinary life of Serge Benhayon.

Be sure to explore all the pages under the home page and read and see pictures of Serge the family man, the author, the philosopher and more.



Lismore People's Choice Award Business Excellence Universal Medicine

In a testament to its local – and international – word-of-mouth-built reputation, Goonellabah-based complementary healing clinic Universal Medicine was last night named “The People’s Choice” at this year’s Lismore Business Excellence Awards!

Deborah Benhayon, the clinic’s financial officer, accepted the honour on behalf of the business at the awards ceremony at Lismore City Hall.

Speaking briefly, Deborah attributed Universal Medicine’s success – from its first incarnation in 1999 to the opening of its modern clinic in 2009 – to its absolute dedication to the care and well-being of its clients.



A newly furbished site which documents the many facets of Universal Medicine, www.universalmedicine.net is a very visual look at the breadth and depth of Universal Medicine's worldwide activities.

Before and After Photos of Universal Medicine Students catalog the many miracles taking place in the student body as deep self-care is lived and embraced and photos of the many retreats, workshops and student projects taking place across the globe are illustrated in extensive galleries across the site.


Universal Medicine Trained Practitioners at the Mind, Body, Spirit Festival

Following hugely popular demonstrations at the Sydney, Perth and Brisbane arm of the festival, Universal Medicine trained practitioners again brought their expertise to the Mind Body Spirit Festival in Melbourne this month. 

The simple and powerful esoteric healing modalities, founded by Serge Benhayon, are acclaimed worldwide as a complement to mainstream medicine to support healing, health and wellbeing.

Coordinator Terri-Anne Connors said it was a joy to share the deeply powerful esoteric healing modalities with the public.  


Danielle PireraBy Dr Danielle Pirera, BBiomedSci, BExSci (Hons), PhD (Ex Phys), EPA* accredited

I have worked for 15 years in personal and group fitness training and for 7 years in the public health care system, in hospitals, clinics and nursing homes as a registered allied health professional (Exercise Physiology).

In these years I have worked with thousands and thousands of people, who come for support to improve their health, physical function, psychological wellbeing and overall quality of life. Around 80% of the clients I have seen have some sort of a chronic illness or injury and are taking ongoing medications and receiving treatment and care from other allied health professionals such as psychologists, physiotherapists, massage and acupuncture therapists or even spiritual healers.

The Esoteric Practitioners Association (EPA) is a branch of Universal Medicine. It was instigated by Universal Medicine to monitor and accredit the modalities that were founded by Universal Medicine.

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