Study and Modalities:

Universal Medicine offers a range of modalities, courses and workshops.


Universal Medicine is an open to all forum and active medium for the dissemination of --

(1) The laws and sciences of the Ancient Wisdom
(2) The principles of Esoteric Philosophy and Esoteric Medicine, which are based on the Ancient Wisdom
(3) Healing modalities and techniques, which are based on the Ancient Wisdom and Esoteric Medicine

Universal Medicine teaches these principles through a series of public courses, lectures and other events, including:

  1. The Sacred Esoteric Healing courses – levels 1 to 4. The students are introduced to the science and art of esoteric healing and then trained to advanced programs that take 2 years to complete.
  2. The specialised modality programs, which require completion of the 2 year Sacred Esoteric Healing courses as a pre-requisite, followed by specialised study and a supervised practical/ clinical training program of anatomy, physiology and nutrition from a government registered training organisation, plus ongoing requirements for professional development and study, as well as yearly assessment;
  3. A series of lectures delivered monthly on Saturday afternoons;
  4. Five day live-in retreats which offer an opportunity for intensive study and practice;
  5. A comprehensive distance education program supported by materials on the website, including four to five years’ worth of audio recordings of lectures and seminars;
  6. A series of 7 books, with two more ready for publication;
  7. And other specialised lectures, seminars and teaching events, held to support students during the year.


This section describes the curriculum content of the workshops, lectures and courses presented by Universal Medicine. This broadly covers:

The Ancient Wisdom

Esoteric Medicine

Esoteric Philosophy

Esoteric Psychology

Healing modalities and techniques based on Esoteric Medicine

The Ancient Wisdom

The foundational impress that informs Esoteric Medicine, Esoteric Philosophy and the healing techniques and modalities taught by Universal Medicine is the Ancient Wisdom or ‘Ageless Wisdom’.

The Ancient Wisdom is a living set of Principles and energetic Laws and Sciences that govern all Universal life. The term ‘living’ here is used to describe a set of principles and laws that are not static but constantly evolving.

Esoteric Medicine

Esoteric Medicine presents what is the basis and the root of all healing. It is a form of medicine that begins with knowing who you truly are in your inner-most and then looks out to the furthest point away from that which it knows to be the deepest Divine essence. The furthest point out is always the greatest ill and, it is the point of most DISHARMONY (or illness and disease).

The entire science and study of Esoteric Medicine is based on the Science of the Nadis. And thus, the systems and organs of the body are centres of energy that each in different ways support a life of harmony or balance, when allowed and not over-ridden by disharmonious or incongruent energies that are aroused through ill choices.

Illness or disease is not the outcome of a random event or genetic predisposition, but the product of ill choices and the resulting energetic disharmony (anger, self loathing, disregard, not expressing truth) that we have been content to live with over many years or even lives before the disharmony manifests much later as symptoms or as a diagnosable condition.

“... whatever is truly good and thus whatever brings true harmony and vitality, make it your everyday medicine by living it in full” (Serge Benhayon).

Esoteric Philosophy

Esoteric Philosophy is based on the premise that we are a one human race, that is, one family of living people that must work together in order for it to all truly work out. Esoteric Philosophy is thus founded on the basis that our thinking, planning and search for answers must always find purpose and resolution towards a one-unified way of being with all who live on our planet. In simpler and more practical terms, Esoteric Philosophy is a form of philosophy that enables the student to think from the inner-heart. Science has shown that the heart responds more quickly than the mind. Esoteric Philosophy has long said the same thing and that it is possible to think in such a way that comes from the inner-heart, first. Esoteric Philosophy teaches what is called a spherical way of thinking and living that encompasses all equally. Responding to the impulses (or call) of the inner-heart, the mind follows the body in thoughts that then serve all, equally so.

Esoteric Psychology

Esoteric Psychology is an approach to developing the human being in accordance to the Ancient Wisdom’s teaching on the differences between Spirit and Soul. Such teachings began with Patanjali (considered 200BCE) whom some scholars regard as the father of psychology. Esoteric Psychology is based on the premise that the yet to re-awaken human being is under the consciousness as so chosen by the human spirit until such time that it can liberate itself from such limits and re-awaken back to its Soul and the Divine consciousness that so impulses the re-awakened state of being. In modern and more practical terms, Esoteric Psychology seeks to unite the ordinary person with a thinking that originates if not stems first from one’s inner-heart before the mind is engaged. This leads to equality and natural harmony with self and with all others equally.

Healing modalities and techniques based on the principles of Esoteric Medicine

The healing modalities and techniques taught by Universal Medicine are:

The healing modalities and techniques present both new and ancient treatments that help the body return to its harmonious truth. 'Function' has for too long been the desired result of medicine and most forms of healing and whilst this is important, for we need to function as well as we can, its origins, that is, the fact that we need to function IN HARMONY or, from a harmonious inner-core, have long been forgotten. And hence, we have made 'function' the goal and with that we have detrimentally and or harmingly slipped and thus, we have erroneously made 'mere function' the acceptable way of being or sadly, as so many have come to accept – a way or any way to get through the day.

The key behind these very specialised healing modalities is just that - they treat ‘function’ as secondary to the inner-harmonious impulses we all carry equally deep within. Hence the harmonious impulse is the leading guide and the destined result.

“Esoteric Body Work does not restore the body so that it can function, but rather
that it can know itself as far more than function” ~ Serge Benhayon

The workshops and courses where the modalities are taught are open to the public at large. Students are drawn from a wide cross-section of the community and have a diversity of backgrounds, including secondary and tertiary education, engineering, law, carpentry and building, IT, accounting, nursing, other specialised care professions and many more.

Nearly all students attend simply to bring a greater level of awareness, vitality and connection to their lives and to share the principles and modalities with friends and family. Many study to become practitioners of the modalities. Some of those already practise or have backgrounds in conventional medicine, including general and specialist medicine, psychiatry, psychology, dentistry, physiotherapy and sports physiology. Others already practise or have backgrounds in alternative medicine including naturopathy and remedial massage. Most students have no background in allied health, and no such background is required – all courses are open to the public at large. An open door policy is one of the principles of this organisation.

Universal Medicine is the national and international teaching body for the modalities.

The Esoteric Practitioners Association (EPA) is the vehicle and holder of the highest sets of standards and codes of conduct in the world. It is a branch of Universal Medicine that was instigated by Universal Medicine to support the on-going assessment and development of the practitioners who deliver the modalities that were founded by Universal Medicine.

All modalities are fully insured.

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