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As part of its services, Universal Medicine offers those seeking to become students a range of online studies. Some online studies are free of charge once one has signed on to become a student whilst others need to be purchased … proceeds of which are directed to help support Universal Medicine’s family and student support programs.

The online study is only available through our student study site:
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Universal Medicine has been providing a formal online lecture/distance education service since 2007. This particular style of teaching and subject matter actually began in early 2006. Then, in its first year, the lecture notes would be tabled and issued via email to our national and international students. Demand from our students soon was such that they wanted to hear the live presentations … especially for the many and differing meditations that were being offered. In response, the online lecture series was born to provide the teachings for the many worldwide students who were asking for direct or live access. Whilst ‘live streaming’ was considered, it was decided that due to the time differences, a more effective delivery was to record the presentations and have them available, by the next day, as a download from the website.

At the heart of this far-reaching accessible form of service, is the fact that Universal Medicine is founded by an intent and thus its policy to allow and provide equal access to all of its teachings. We are very much a walk-in and walk-out organisation, that is, you can choose to endorse our teachings or you are totally free to walk-out if they do not suit. As its founder has stated --

“Universal Medicine, as a unit of service, stands and will forever stand in the same stead as that which gracefully gave it its birth. Under this impress, we will remain and serve forth. All that we do, present and stand for, comes from a certain energetic knowing and not from any theory, following, from beliefs or ideals. We hold no one to our command, will or ways and thus, in complete and definitive contrast to any form of control or trickery, we wholeheartedly stand for and therefore present the basis for the highest form of transparency – a comprehensive teaching on energetic understanding. And hence, under the Science of true Energetic Freedom, the ultimate free-will /free-choice can be made. You are therefore free to choose our services as you are free to completely refuse, disprove and or walk-away.” ~ Serge Benhayon

Since 2007, many thousands have enjoyed the variety of services offered and in particular, if you live afar, access to the online study, which includes many variations of certain healing and bridging forms of meditation.

The Audio Series contains many of the ancient Esoteric Laws and Principles. They are the teachings that come from a set of living doctrines known as the Ageless Wisdom. The subject matters, revelations and topics of issue are very much direct-to-the-core and leaving no stone unturned nor any holding back in what is needed to be said at a time when illness and disease, along with the ill decadent and extreme behaviours are now rising in society life everywhere. Whilst the teachings may bring what may seem to be constructs - that, they are not; they are in fact an energetically known form of understanding life as it truly is. Hence, they are not for everyone at large but instead, providing for those who are truly ready, the known energetic truths that easily dispel the seemingly unknown or unseen.

Audio downloads:

The recordings occured before a live audience of between 250 and 300. These lectures were held once a month except in the months where our team teaches in Europe.

Catalogue: The down-loadable audios contain the recordings of the live presentations as they were delivered to the attending audience. Thus far, there are four in the series -- 
-    The Living Sutras of the Hierarchy (2007 – early 2008)
-    The Science of the Soul (2008 – end of 2009)
-    The Study of Esoteric Medicine  (2010 - 2012)
-    The Way of the Livingness (2013 - present)

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Since mid 1999 Universal Medicine has made available its array of Healing Therapies to the public at large. The Therapies offer healing and complementary support to conventional treatments. They are not 'alternative' or 'new age' and nor are they anti Western Medicine. They are in fact very pro and thus respectful of Western Medicine and its great service to society. Our Therapies are very gentle and work with the being and its body to assist in its own healing. The range of modalities on offer cover many aspects of healing.

As mentioned in his short dossier (see ‘About Serge’), Serge is not a teacher who is removed and or not wholly in touch with what is happening in society everywhere. Working long hours with patients in his clinics in Australia and in the UK gives Serge very hands-on insight and knowledge of the many ills and woes that affect, afflict and exist as we live our daily lives in this world of ours today.

Universal Medicine runs a series of courses throughout the year. These courses are designed to bring a greater understanding to the path of true self-healing, and with that understanding and knowledge, to bring such healing to family members, friends and colleagues. The courses also cater for the professional seeking more from their life and or for those who seek the path of becoming an esoteric practitioner.

Universal Medicine Retreats

Universal Medicine offers Retreats as a way of presenting practical and liveable ways to bring back a very steady and deeply rewarding way of life. These five-day live-in courses are comprised of and from the living knowledge and the Energetic Laws that come from the Ageless Wisdom.

As well as the many interactive series of presentations and activities, the participants also get to experience a wide range of shared community and society life with the participants that come from all over the world.

By way of service, Universal Medicine provides easy-to-do meditation techniques. Its founder has been teaching the energetically true Science and Art of Meditation since 1999. The knowledge, teaching, form, technique, style and method come from and thus are based on an impress known as the Ageless Wisdom.

Based on this energetically true background knowledge, on the subject of Meditation, Universal Medicine takes the following stance –

On this page you will be able to download any number of free audio items as listed below.

In due course, you will see the list expand with a number of differing/varying styles of meditation to help/assist the many that are today seeking some rest/stop/gentleness and or some stillness in their lives.

As we have stated in our article on ‘meditation’ – we take the science and its business very seriously given that not all forms or styles of meditation are energetically safe.

As far back as 2001, Universal Medicine began hosting esoteric based Meditation Groups in response to those who were seeking true group work and or healing from past group work that had not lived-up to what they had sought or what they innately knew it to truly be but could not find anywhere. Before then, Serge had already established the teachings of true meditation to help heal and correct the many who were assuming they were meditating, but in-truth were harming themselves spiritually due to the lack of knowledge about the unseen ill energetic effects.