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UniMed Publishing is a branch of Universal Medicine. It was originally set-up to publish and distribute the series of Books that are planned by Serge under the impress he serves and in response to what is needed. There are eight (8) books already published (available) with several other books held in abeyance accordingly awaiting their right time for release. There are many more planned in this series of Treatises on Energetic Truth.

About the books:

"The books themselves are written under the impress as is the natural language
of the inner-heart, that is, expressed as does the Soul express.
This means that the expression and way of writing is the way the inner-heart expresses via the higher-mind. And hence, no adherence has been paid to structure or lineal academic rule … meaning that – there has been no
cowering or conforming to any type of syntax, must-do uniformity and likewise impulsed punctuation and or any other type of ‘usual’ must-do or rule in order to adhere, impress or show-off. Instead, the style of writing offers the reader an opportunity to break certain constructs that have been inserted and cemented via the type of education this world is still under. A type of education that glorifies itself in much of its seeming advances, but lacks real answers to the many dilemmas and or deeply rooted ill issues that sabotage, retard and thus hold humanity in a stupour against the very obvious few who choose to see let alone admit on the very unnatural ways we live our daily lives across all societies.

The energetic impress which the books are written under allows for much healing
and re-awakening to take place. The more the books are read, the greater the knowledge and wisdom are revealed as one re-connects under their energetic impress. In fact, many have reported how much of what is offered to them,
they missed the first time round. This is quite normal when the esoteric is written under its true Energetic Law. Eventually, as is the case under natural design,
the reader becomes a student of his or her own inner-heart as the book becomes personal and very pertinent. And thus, the Path of Initiation is re-awakened.
This is part of the Plan … to help us return sooner rather than later and thus expedite the evolutionary fact that we will all eventually return to the Divine
we are all equally from.” ~ Serge Benhayon

Although the books are numbered by their order in the series, it is a series that is not designed to be read or followed via its numerical sequence. Each book is a stand-alone presentation of the very needed Energetic Laws and Sciences. And thus, each book completes the intended teaching whilst presenting a very clear healing message and practical way of life in accordance with the Energetic Truths and Ancient Sciences that found them. And as such, each book will deliver much to the interested reader, the student-to-be and for the developing to advanced student.

Below are the to-date released books. To assist, a brief introductory abridgment has been written by our editor Gabriele Conrad.

Books published by UniMed Publishing

Time, Space and all of us Book 1: TIME
Serge Benhayon
Gabriele Conrad

A whole book on time – what then is time? The answer seems obvious in many ways, as we are very used to measuring and quantifying it, but is it possible that our perception and understanding of time is wrong and not serving us? 

Time certainly makes for a captivating topic. Time, like the body we live in, is our constant companion and we can never get away from it for too long. 

Time, Space and all of us Book 2: SPACE
Serge Benhayon
Gabriele Conrad

After debunking our erroneously held notion of Time in Book 10 of this trilogy, ‘Time, Space and all of us’ Serge Benhayon moves on to Space and what we might perceive it to be, if we give it any thought at all. And if indeed you need or would like to catch up on this vast topic, these 766 pages entitled ‘Space’ will provide ample opportunity.

This is not a book on astronomy or cosmology; the Space that Serge Benhayon expands on is the stuff that we live in, that surrounds us, goes through us, into us with every breath and that we contribute to with every outbreath. 

Pretty big? Yes, it is indeed. But wait, there is more, much more.

Esoteric Teachings & Revelations Volume II
Serge Benhayon
Gabriele Conrad

This is the second instalment of Esoteric Teachings & Revelations (first volume published in 2011) and the collection for the third one is already complete, awaiting its final stages and publication.

Passages from workshops, presentations, The Way of The Livingness Sermons, from communications with students of Universal Medicine as well as pertinent excerpts from any of the thus far nine published books have here been brought together in an easily accessible form and made available for the public at large.

Universal Medicine  An Open Letter to Humanity Serge Benhayon
Serge Benhayon
Gabriele Conrad

We have all felt at times that life on earth, human life, our life is not consistently what it could be – that it is not as joyous and free and simple as we imagined it to be, when as children we could not wait to grow up and have a go at it ourselves.

THE WAY IT IS - A Treatise on Energetic Truth
Serge Benhayon
Gabriele Conrad

Why read a book entitled ‘The Way It Is’ you might ask, when how it is must already be known by sheer virtue of living life in this world with family, neighbours, colleagues, alongside millions and millions of strangers and embedded in systems and governance of one kind or another? Would it not be more expedient (and relaxing) to turn a blind eye to what is really going on? Or better still, would it be instead far more rewarding and personally more satisfying to immerse oneself into bettering and finding solutions for what is not working? Perhaps we should stop and consider how we have been so blindly comforted by the notion of solutions and that we can have them/come-up with them whenever a crisis appears. A closer look at life reveals that at best, solutions perform as ‘band aids’ rather than truly bring solution to the thwarting issue or ill at hand. Could there be more we don’t know or, do know but, either don’t want to know or have not had the support to know?

Serge Benhayon
Gabriele Conrad

Have you ever wondered why despite all your best intentions, despite the yearly habitual round of New Year’s resolutions and promises to yourself and sometimes to others for added support (or to get them temporarily off your back) – it is very, very hard to truly change and create the new you, become the version of yourself you know deep inside is the truer, more self loving and loving real you?

Serge Benhayon
Gabriele Conrad

In worldly terms, it can be said that we have all, at one time or another, sought to initiate ourselves or be initiated, irrespective of whether we have actually ever used the word ‘initiation’ or not.

Serge Benhayon
Gabriele Conrad

Humankind has always searched for answers beyond the mundane but very real and tangible conundrums of day-to-day living. Is it therefore possible that the nature of these questions not only suggests but makes it very possible that inherently, there is more to us than meets the eye? Is it possible that we do innately, if ever so vaguely have a cellular memory of our true nature and destiny? If not, where then do these questions come from and why do we bother asking:  

Serge Benhayon
Gabriele Conrad

The title of this collection of esoteric and exoteric philosophy presents at least one, if not two very misunderstood and misinterpreted words, namely ‘esoteric’ and ‘exoteric’. And whilst ‘exoteric’ is not so widely in use, the word ‘esoteric’ as it stands today is very far away from its original and very practical and down to earth meaning. Esoteric means the inner-most and it is that which is found in the inner-heart of every human being. The esoteric is that which is truest and closest to what we actually and truly are; it is our essence as human beings in a physical body and the place where true wisdom can be accessed.

Universal Medicine
Serge Benhayon
Gabriele Conrad

This book is a healing handbook of 728 pages, a companion compendium for you, the reader to use on a regular, and if you so choose, on a daily basis. Each of its entries is complete in itself, be it a one-liner or a half-page text passage and you will find much here that might seemingly come out of left field at first but which, upon further pondering, will debase many of our repetitive choices and the cumulative big and small irresponsibilities of daily life – what is generally referred to as normal and acceptable, albeit only just.


Since mid 1999 Universal Medicine has made available its array of Healing Therapies to the public at large. The Therapies offer healing and complementary support to conventional treatments. They are not 'alternative' or 'new age' and nor are they anti Western Medicine. They are in fact very pro and thus respectful of Western Medicine and its great service to society. Our Therapies are very gentle and work with the being and its body to assist in its own healing. The range of modalities on offer cover many aspects of healing.

As mentioned in his short dossier (see ‘About Serge’), Serge is not a teacher who is removed and or not wholly in touch with what is happening in society everywhere. Working long hours with patients in his clinics in Australia and in the UK gives Serge very hands-on insight and knowledge of the many ills and woes that affect, afflict and exist as we live our daily lives in this world of ours today.

Universal Medicine runs a series of courses throughout the year. These courses are designed to bring a greater understanding to the path of true self-healing, and with that understanding and knowledge, to bring such healing to family members, friends and colleagues. The courses also cater for the professional seeking more from their life and or for those who seek the path of becoming an esoteric practitioner.

Universal Medicine Retreats

Universal Medicine offers Retreats as a way of presenting practical and liveable ways to bring back a very steady and deeply rewarding way of life. These five-day live-in courses are comprised of and from the living knowledge and the Energetic Laws that come from the Ageless Wisdom.

As well as the many interactive series of presentations and activities, the participants also get to experience a wide range of shared community and society life with the participants that come from all over the world.

As part of its services, Universal Medicine offers those seeking to become students a range of online studies. Some online studies are free of charge once one has signed on to become a student whilst others need to be purchased … proceeds of which are directed to help support Universal Medicine’s family and student support programs.

The online study is only available through our student study site:
Study site

By way of service, Universal Medicine provides easy-to-do meditation techniques. Its founder has been teaching the energetically true Science and Art of Meditation since 1999. The knowledge, teaching, form, technique, style and method come from and thus are based on an impress known as the Ageless Wisdom.

Based on this energetically true background knowledge, on the subject of Meditation, Universal Medicine takes the following stance –

On this page you will be able to download any number of free audio items as listed below.

In due course, you will see the list expand with a number of differing/varying styles of meditation to help/assist the many that are today seeking some rest/stop/gentleness and or some stillness in their lives.

As we have stated in our article on ‘meditation’ – we take the science and its business very seriously given that not all forms or styles of meditation are energetically safe.

As far back as 2001, Universal Medicine began hosting esoteric based Meditation Groups in response to those who were seeking true group work and or healing from past group work that had not lived-up to what they had sought or what they innately knew it to truly be but could not find anywhere. Before then, Serge had already established the teachings of true meditation to help heal and correct the many who were assuming they were meditating, but in-truth were harming themselves spiritually due to the lack of knowledge about the unseen ill energetic effects.