All of us – A Tome That Offers What We Always Wanted, but Never Cared to Seek

Book by Serge Benhayon Time, Space and all of us

by Dragana Brown, Writer and Correspondent, London, UK 

It is hard not to admire, be in awe and deeply inspired by the extraordinary contributions some of the men and women, mahatmas of our ages, have made in different spheres of life, areas of human life studies in their true meanings such as science, philosophy and religion. It can be said that these sages have been instrumental in assisting us, the otherwise out of hand societies, to stay in shape to whatever degree possible and they have played a colossal part in the development of human awareness in a way that has always served to bring people closer to the truth within the various aspects of life they are concerned with. On one hand we love to talk about and quote these men and women but rarely do we model our own lives on what they have taught and lived; in other words, there has been much talking but not so much walking on our part.

And then there are those human beings who, whilst learning about them and everything they have brought and offered to the human kind causes one to come to a complete halt in order to take time to allow the immensity of what they represent to trickle through and to digest the enormity of what they have been and the impact they have had on human evolution, exposing clearly the fact that there never was forward in evolution but only back to where we deviated from to a way of being that is a polar opposite to what we have accepted being human is. What they have brought to us is that which has been nurturing and nourishing, as well as mothering and fathering in so many ways and as a full representation of who and what we truly are. Such a being is Serge Benhayon, the author of this third book (the cherry on top) in the epic trilogy of ‘Time, Space and all of us’, titled all of us.

How do you know who you truly are when all that is not you has been juxtaposed in a carefully calculated manner to conceal the true you since time immemorial?

When such and similar questions are posed by the author and the most ample, yet somewhat alarming if not to the human spirit jolting and perturbing answers from various angles volunteered, a confirmation that we had lost our way becomes intelligible as it would become apparent that at some life juncture we created a wind force that turned the arrow marked ‘back to your origins’ to point in the opposite direction and have since been on a treacherous, obstreperous, self-distractive trajectory that has taken us light years away from our true and only destination, the space we originally come from.

Whilst a mere glance over many years of human history will tell us that much around us has been improving in terms of material things where mud homes have in most places been replaced by modern architectural monuments, donkey travels got airway upgrades and iPhones have put smoke signals out of business forever, there remains one thing, or rather one major player in this technological advancement contest that has not followed the evolutionary avenue which had been so carefully and precisely laid down for him / her and that is the inhabitant of those cosy and comfortable homes and the ‘inventor’ of the magnificent machineries - - - the human being.

Yet in spite of all the modern technological advancement we enjoy, it is seriously questionable how much better off we are in truth, particularly as this book reveals the fact that there is a way grander, limitless intelligence which we have left behind, an all-encompassing intelligence that makes contentious what we now call intelligence and have even made out to be our god(!) while the level of its astuteness, acuity and congruity are so inferior to the intelligence we come from, such that all the ‘modern’ technology we have come to champion when parked next to the intelligence which for example, built the pyramids looks like a grain of sand next to the Giza Pyramids. 

Whilst no animal such as a giraffe or zebra would embark on the illusion to behave as though it were a hippopotamus or a lion, we on the other hand happily play a dumbed down and seriously reduced version of ourselves. We have with our own hand so to speak, dimmed our light to a degree that we can’t see things in the darkness and with the finger on the dimmer switch we are lamenting and wondering how we might get more light in (dah) Where is the intelligence in that?

In words of one syllable, the book spells out that intelligence does not come from us but that it can only come through us. Intelligence is not something that is stored in various departments of one’s brain like we might store food in various fridge compartments. That intelligence doesn't mean well educated or even educated per se. It doesn't mean intellectual either. Rather, intelligence is like electricity that is moving through wires, which we should all be clear about by now, that it is not the wires that produce electricity but they only serve as conduits for electricity to go through. The key is in discerning who your supplier is(!) Is it God’s intelligence or the ungod’s, the one who has seceded from its originator in order to play and get dirty in the wicked game of its creation’s sand pit.

Being intelligent means intelligent like we were in our mother’s womb, and even before that and before that too… It means being tuned into multidimensional intelligence that requires no school, no books, no tests, no marks, degrees, diplomas or accolades. All it calls for is our willingness to live and move in a way that we can be willed conduits in this vibrational web we constantly move through full of the ceaseless flow of Divine love and multidimensional intelligence which is passing through us, whether we like it or not, all freely available to all of us and permeating in the space that surrounds us. And the biggest beauty about universal intelligence is that God places no limits on how much of the intelligence is on offer or how much one can take in and pass on and, in His case, the sky is for sure no limit. How much on the other hand we allow to precipitate is up to us individually and us as a collective.

Sadly we are being taught creation from young instead of evolution. We have been sold a lie that evolution is technological, industrial and materialistic progress. If of course we compare the creature that can go to the moon and come up with the atomic bomb to a slug or a fruit fly we’d be naturally thinking that our evolution is way ahead. But is it? And are we?

Or have we been sitting on an arrogance-ridden soil making it all about system improvements and temporary solutions to problems that do not offer answers or eliminate problems, that evidently haven’t worked, all the while cementing this fertile-for-all-around-failure-ground where it is not only difficult but it becomes almost impossible to raise children to be all that they truly are.

But the key is, as the author Serge Benhayon has done and stands by, to offer and then step back and observe with no investment, agendas and conditions. Many continually refuse to see the Mr Hyde of our own creation and not all are ready for the banquet beauty of being who they truly are which is why many need a greater number of spins around the sun to return to Soul whilst some of the most ardent supporters of creation do and will fight fiercely to not go there and even go out of their way to prevent others to make the steps, hence why there is always tomorrow and we are always offered another chance and another tomorrow and the one after that as well as the next life and the life after….and so on and so forth.

The Universe keeps offering us to repeat the ‘exam’ we failed at last time or didn’t do as well as we could in, because God, the Universe and the Hierarchy never give up on us, instead they just keep making another offering, and another opportunity to advance into the wisdom of our Soul so that we can be who we truly are, a kosher treasure chest, the real McCoy, for which sadly there have been no queues for thus far to grab the wealth that is on offer.

Admittedly, thanks to this modern technology we have been able to enjoy many fruits of technological labour however, we have also been efficient in creating boundless props, from 50inch TVs to video games to modern day Colosseums (aka sporting arenas) and much, much more to assist us in getting away from our ordinary lives so that we don’t have to reside in a place (space) where we bring attentiveness to our divine particles and our all, and where we pull purpose into our life, the lack of which has resulted in a world full of people who want their ears tickled on strategies for so-called revealed secrets to wealth creation (and protection) with seminar ‘gurus’ and slick ‘business coaches’ at every corner so that countless numbers of men who have lived throughout history to fight to build palaces and artificial borders and societies we have come to call nationalities, remain convinced that the compelling force of all times has been the force of creation and its originality and yet, scratch the surface and dig deeper into readily available multidimensionality as this book has done beyond magnificently so with razor sharp precision, and creation’s big fat lie gets exposed as nothing but a mere human spirit’s piracy where the spirit got totally consumed by its own creation, the arch enemy of human evolution, and continues to be so through its product – the human being.

Ironically, we (the human beings), the biggest complainants of things as they stand, are the biggest protectors and guardians of creation, choosing to peddle in indulgence, individuality and its hallmark irresponsibility in order to stay ignorant to the fact that there is nothing new in creation only a very poor copy, a plagiarism of the richness that is co-creation; nevertheless, like master masons we each continue to add our brick to the edifice of creation, making us a ‘lonely planet’ by virtue of the fact which future is gently nudging our way, that we are the only planet which is in disarray.

What this book does so beautifully is it shines a beaming spot light on the simple truth that we have said yes to this monstrous lie when in this seemingly convoluted crime we actually became the biggest partners in crime, for we have all learnt in one way or another the ‘trick’ of the trade that there are no lie sellers without lie buyers.

If you have genuinely ever wondered about the core of human life and the meaning of life and had those ‘what’s the point’ moments, then this book offers more than one ever imagined possible. It exquisitely exposes that the model of life that has been our ‘teacher’ has failed us.

We have been taught to be smart as kids, to grow up smart, to make smart university choices, intelligent picks for a wife/husband, savvy selections for economically sound jobs, grow old smart….And then what? And what have we created?

Are we really here just to transmute oxygen into carbon-dioxide or is there much more to our in-breath and our out-breath than the exchange between these chemical elements?

Might we be here to clean up a superabundance of the most ill acts we have all played part in their creation, in a world where a man takes his life every two hours, where in America alone more than 45 million images of child sexual abuse were reported in one year alone, 60% on children younger than 12 and most of them include scenes of serious sexual violence, where A&E departments across many countries work beyond human levels at Christmas and New Year as they experience the busiest time of the entire year predominantly caused by a single substance – alcohol, a world where most gruesome, vile daily occurrences of rapes and murders are populating media pages like they are Christmas decorations, a world abounding in abuse, including its more ‘modern’ version – online abuse, a world still teeming with something that was meant to have been abolished some 150 plus years ago – a modern day version of slavery with all the old trimmings, not to mention scores of wars, corruption, vilification, aggression, separatism and more.

We are a product of creation, a humanity as a whole that has been for too long now stimulation hungry, gossip and circulation energy thirsty, three-dimensional life model roused, indulgence incessant, irresponsibility incited, creation addicted, security goaded, academia animated and have made our values today what we love circulating the most: lies, fake news, gossip, malice, sensational and shock-value headlines, celebrity scandals, jealousy, comparison ... Anything but Truth.

With all these hair-raising, spine-chilling gruesome extreme examples (and countless others), that have been playing out on Earth’s ground and all the ones that on a physical level may appear hardly worthy of a mention but on an energetic level represent some of the highest forms of evil in action, we don't need convincing that as the author propounds, the Dark Ages have never left us; the same supremacy that claimed the Earth was flat and even killed to protect the geocentric model that the sun and the Universe revolved around the Earth, now may come in evidence-based science and medicine attire and whilst it has changed outwardly from sandals to Reeboks and from robes to Armani suits, it only goes to show that the energetic quality of lived life is not fixed to any period in history and certainly not to one associated with intellectual darkness and barbarian behaviour people - for should we choose to open our eyes aided by our sixth sense we’d see that evolution that changes scenery but goes nowhere is not evolution at all and the age where we have moved from apes to rapes, from chimps to pimps, from herd hunting to self-cutting, even for an age ripe with scientific advances - it is just another one of evil’s playground platforms which reigns supreme if and when we dim our Soul’s light on Earth.

This modern-day dark age has slightly different protagonists, different costumes but same piece, same plot, same ending - - keep the human being in perpetual ignorance of what and who they truly are. Nothing changes when ‘barbarians’ come dressed in academic regalia and where some of the self-appointed friends of science are the greatest enemies of the people when their evidence-based science rejects and even attacks that which does not suit their agenda yet it is the key to all our dolour. It hardly gets any darker than this.

To dismiss hundreds of people who are living proofs (evidence) that their lives have changed for the better since their openness to learn from the author of this marvellous manual to I-am-a-true-celebrity-here-is-a-true-opportunity-to-get-us-out-of-here and to put into practice that which he presents and proposes, particularly at a time when our national health services are operating on borrowed time, these pockets of academically to the highest degree educated people, are left allowed to be weeds amongst seedlings and to keep many in the dark to the level and at the point where we have a whole generation of people who wouldn’t know vitality and sound health if they slapped them on the face.

Proof that our education system is mostly anti-evolutionary.

But then, when we have paid for science, paid for evidence based and a great wall of dishonesty that beats the Great Wall of China, and instead of educating our young that the first and only language they (we) need to speak is the language of vibration (energy) that requires no audio tapes to learn, for it is an inbuilt hard drive in all of us and we just have to attune and align our movements to it, we can see how we have ended up with having evil on tap and why the anti-evolutionary stance may be so appealing to some for there is no money in joy, vitality and a love filled life, but a lot of money to be made from illness, disease, misery, abuse, aggression and wars which has enabled the rise in ‘evolved’ despots who, instead of horse carts, drive fast cars and, instead of using pigeons as messengers, speak on mobile telephones.

Come on, who needs evidence based and randomised trials for a hangover after a night’s drinking when one’s liver and whole body speak louder than any laboratory.

We are in a dark age right here and right now even though putting artificial light on something that is dark can make it appear light, all the same void of genuine light emanation.

But how do you tell a person considered highly intelligent that, if they were to take that intelligence to the multidimensional school, the University of the Universe which we are all natural members of, they wouldn’t even score an F on their report card?

The irony has been lost on us because on the whole we do not like the reality of the energetic truth that makes obvious how ridiculous, pointless and absurd it is for instance to have billions in money being poured into intergalactic travels both by companies and individuals who have paid deposits to secure their tickets to go into space whilst on Earth, cancer is through the roof, homelessness, poverty, slavery, misery and suffering abounds and mayhem prevails. To do what? In search of what? And whilst the stars and the universal intelligence around us, like in old-fashioned pantomime when the villain is behind you, shout out loudly: Look out, it’s all around you, no need to build machines to take you into space, but rather live (move) in a way that guarantees your return to being one with space, we learn that it is still on deaf ears that we sit.

We are yet to fully grasp how far away from decency, truth and our innate way of being we have wandered off, so that when we see one walk in his true light most think it strange, a mirage, figment of imagination and not what we would term ‘normal’ at all, because we have come to consider normal that which is common; yet, when something is common it cannot be assumed normal simply by virtue of the fact that it is occurring often, because it is only by the energetic quality of the so called normal that we can determine if indeed it is normal or it is not.

But then, spirit’s constant playing field is anything other than level, and the name of the game has been to obscure the truth so people cannot tell lies from truth. The etheric spirit is in fact our number one nemesis and plot creator (no conspiracy theory here) as it is the main operator of the human vehicle (body). Its survival solely depends on the abuse of the human body hence why, for example, it loves swimming in cold oceans to ‘celebrate’ beating breast cancer, tattooing the area where a breast (or even both breasts) once was/were, climbing mountains in extreme weathers losing fingers, toes, limbs and even lives.

However, at some point whilst creating man Spirit overestimated its ability and in spite of all the pain, misery, anguish, despair, desolation gloom and sorrow the etheric spirit has introduced to the body, we are actually always one up over it because we have the Universe and the stars on our side, constantly offering us opportunities to evolve and expand (and by virtue of that the spirit gets the same benefaction), to move on from this stale, common yes, but unnatural state of being and consider what and who we truly are and where we come from. To stop rejecting these offerings we need to chip away at our spiritual arrogance and our spiritual pride that have up until now had the better of us. The author of “all of us” is a perfect living example and a reflection to all of us, not only that this is possible, but not so onerous either.

So, what do you do when the species you offer the stars say, ‘nah, thank you very much’? What do you do when those around you want to do as they please and definitely don’t want anyone walking around reflecting let alone presenting that we are not meant to do what we do and that we are not who we think we are (mere humans)?

You, in this case the author of this resplendent rhetoric, continue to express walk and talk the absolute energetic truth and give back from a living wisdom to those who are still walking the dark corridors; you proceed to offer Hierarchical pull which is an accelerated evolutionary magnetic pull that comes with all the space in the Universe needed for each person to come to their own, with no holds barred, for it is a question of when, not if. All the Truth shall say is: Ready or not, here I come.

Many a man will one day be in genuine disbelief that such a man, larger than life, the author, Serge Benhayon walked the Earth and was not a mere creation of some wishful fictitious character. The man who, in his own words, has been exposing the real, true and concealed level of contrived ignorance, orchestrated resistance, forceful arrogance and the utter dishonesty that parades as genuine concern or worse, as ‘the truth’. It will be for each individual and the world to decide if what the author of this trilogy and many other worth their weight in gold writings has been presenting is true or not. One thing they would not be able to claim is that they have not seen or read his words and his work and that they have not been told … What we do with that will be entirely up to all of us, for the author can only explain it to us but he cannot understand it or live it for us.

The kingliness is when someone like the author turns up, not for any reasons to lessen how we feel about ourselves, but he is here to reflect and inspire us to deepen our appreciation for ourselves by reminding us that what lies within some of the greatest men and women that walked the Earth lies equally within all of us.

When we opt for truth over security we shall know that our Holy Grail, our top FTSE 100, our biggest investment and the most sought-after commodity that surpasses any rare diamond, precious pearl, any other stone, dish or a cup, all of which put together cannot serve as sustenance in infinite abundance of wealth joy and vibrancy that The Way of The Livingness, which means living life from the vastness, offers and supplies, simply by the way we talk, walk, breathe, sleep, speak, sit, drive, write, play, sing or dance … everyday ordinary acts that make up the life but made extraordinary, alchemical and magical when propelled by the majesty that is multidimensional intelligence, the universal power precipitated wisdom that will eventually bring back, all of us, to know who we truly are.

What is on offer here are very real, true and tangible in-roads into how to make human life all that it can be – a life of joy and a life filled with love, not for one or two or any few, not even for many, but only for all of us. We have an inbuilt compass for truth and a true way of living and we know that our ‘true north’ is not shown on a hand held device, for it is not and never has it been outside of us but instead it is pointing inward to the Soul-embodied human being, where the more the ‘I’ dies, the more it makes space for the soul to awake.

Essentially what we learn from this rich, grandiose, glorious, majestic, awe-inspiring, wondrous writing is that in the stillness of multidimensionality is found a settlement deeper than deep or as the author once gracefully articulated:

“In the field of super-subtlety flows magnificent intelligence. Surrender, for deep within you have the capability of being at-one with its flow and hence at-one with its magnificence.”

~ Serge Benhayon

The end of us on Earth will not be a gigantic asteroid or some super charged volcano caused, nor an engineered chemical virus, nuclear war, the inadvertent creation of a micro black hole, or some other as-yet-unknown way technology could spell. It’ll be all of us returning to a form we each came from where there is no time, but space only and even though we have parted with who and what we truly are aeons ago it will probably seem like we had only left yesterday.

And when in that original form we stand shoulder to shoulder with God once again, it’ll be to the sweetest tune of the One Song, the song of the Universe, that has never left our particles not even in our darkest days on Earth. To that song, we’ll be dancing like we’ve never danced before. all of us.