Monika Rietveld, Holland

My life has changed so much for the good since I became a student of Universal Medicine and of my own inner-heart: 

  • I feel joy and up to what the day will bring me, instead of waking up tired.
  • I feel fit, where I used to be sick a lot and not feel vital.
  • I have much more body awareness, which helps me to make self-loving choices, instead of my former disregarding behaviour towards myself.
  • I get feedback from others that I have become much easier to be with because I am less controlling and accept more, who they are, what they may choose.
  • I am connected to myself and my inner-heart and that makes a real difference when connecting to other people. The feedback I have been getting from friends, clients and colleagues is they feel met in their contact with me.
  • I feel more a stillness in me and this helps me to make choices, whereas before I would be racy and anxious every day.
  • Remarkably, I can also be alone for the first time in my life and enjoy it, enjoy being with me, instead of being dependent on whether others would have time to spend with me.
  • I don't go into reaction so often anymore. 
  • I am honest with myself now, and what I am feeling. From here I can take responsibility for my actions, instead of blaming others, like I used to do.
  • Working every day has become so much fun!! I can see I make a difference for my clients and for the other people that work in the same company. Previously, a 5 day working week would be far too much but now, I can do this easily with my rhythm of going to bed on time, getting up on time and taking really good care of myself with the food that I eat.
  • Just yesterday, a new colleague said I inspired her to do the same, with my good care of myself, with my food and going for a walk every lunch break.