Anonymous, Australia

Four and a half years ago I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I was 33 at the time. It came as a shock as I thought that I lived a healthy lifestyle. I was a yoga teacher, ate a ‘healthy diet’, exercised, meditated, and practised yoga. However, I knew from the moment of the diagnosis that this wasn’t something that just happened to me. I had a feeling somewhere deep in my body that this was a result of how I had been living.

I spent the year going through conventional treatments, surgery, chemotherapy, radiation and IVF to freeze my eggs. I also searched for answers as to the underlying root cause of breast cancer.

It was a year or so later that I came to the work of Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon. I remember sitting at the first Esoteric Medicine presentation that I attended in person that was presented by Serge. I connected strongly to what was being presented in regard to the need for women to self-nurture. It wasn’t the first time that I had heard this, but it just seemed to resonate much more deeply that night, I knew it in my body to be true. It felt as though Serge was talking directly to me.

This understanding has continued to unfold for me and it wasn’t until I started to receive regular Esoteric Breast Massages at the end of last year, that I could really connect to the energy of being self-nurturing. Before it was a concept, but not one that I really understood from my body. I attended a Women’s Group where the Esoteric Breast Massage was discussed. I resonated with all that was said and booked in for some sessions.

These sessions were and continue to be deeply healing for me. The first few sessions were exposing. I had rashes that came up all over my body that lasted for a couple of months. With these rashes came the feelings of how I’d been living in disregard, the pain, the hurts that I’d felt throughout my life. I’d had these rashes many times before, but not to this extent. I also had these rashes 12 months before the diagnosis of the cancer. I know now that this was my body’s way of telling me that I wasn’t living in a way that was harmonious or nurturing. The rashes passed and I understood that these were my hurts that I had buried within me. Also what came was a clear understanding of how to truly connect with myself. It wasn’t intellectual, but was a felt sense that came from my body.

Since having the EBMs I have been able to connect more to me. I’m able to feel that I am a beautiful, amazing woman. That I deserve every ounce of love that I can give to myself. To be self-honouring in all that I do, to love the woman that I am. My relationship to my breasts has totally changed. Actually, my relationship to my whole body and to myself as a woman has changed and this continues to develop. For the most part, I love being me. It’s a far cry from the person I use to be – to wake up each morning and not want to be me.

Having recently come off Tamoxifen, I have returned to having a normal period. My periods are very different to how they were pre cancer. I no longer have pain, cramping or dark red clotting. The Women’s Groups have been an integral part of me learning practical ways to live in a way that I can honour myself as a woman and in turn, I see that reflected back in my body.

I am deeply grateful for the work that is presented by Serge and Universal Medicine and for the wonderful work of the practitioners and in particular for the Esoteric Breast Massage modality. Esoteric Breast Massage – a wonderful tool alongside conventional medicine.