Dr Rachel Hall B.Ch.D (Uni Leeds UK), LDSRCS(Eng), MACNEM, Brisbane, Australia

I have been practising as a dentist for over 20 years, 8 years as a conventional mainstream dentist and the last 12 years holistically. It is not uncommon for a holistic dentist to work in conjunction with or be an alternative practitioner of other modalities. Having tried homeopathy, NLP, EFT (emotional field therapy), kinesiology, bio-resonance therapy and other modalities, I found that they did not offer me or my patients what I was looking for.

Not once have I doubted the content of Universal Medicine presentations and how amazing the esoteric healing modalities are.

Through my work as a practitioner I have come to understand the importance of living with vitality in my life, as a way to not only enjoy my life to its fullest but also because it is only in the reflection of the way a person lives that the same love and care can be inspired in another. After much time spent studying both dentistry and other modalities which never felt quite right, I found the level of care and integrity and the truly whole-isitic approach I was looking for in the work of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine.

Have I and my life changed since my first experience of the Universal Medicine presentations? Yes, for the better. Has the way I practise dentistry changed in that time? Not really, the mechanics and treatments are essentially the same, the only thing that has changed is me.........

I have become more gentle and caring, less stressed, rushed or anxious, there is purpose to what I do and from that I am more playful and there is joy in how I work and in my life. I no longer need coffee and sugar to get through my day or alcohol and certain foods to numb myself or take the edge off life. I am more vital, connected and engaged in the people I work with, both staff and patients who I treat with the utmost respect and tenderness and by way of this they get to see and feel that I walk my walk and live my talk.

I am of course thankful to Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine BUT most of all I am thankful to myself for allowing me to see and feel that there is indeed more to life and more to me.