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Universal Medicine is committed to providing Complementary Health & Healing Services that are Universal in their approach towards medicine and healing.


Through practical philosophies that inspire more self-caring and self-loving choices in daily life Universal Medicine supports people to explore their overall well-being, the development of energetic awareness, and the depth they can bring to their quality of life and relationships.

Teachings are delivered in the form of lectures, talks, audios and treatments from Universal Medicine clinics. Founder of Universal Medicine, Serge Benhayonregularly holds courses, workshops and retreats throughout Australia and internationally. In addition to this he runs the Universal Medicine Clinic a busy Healing Practice based in Northern New South Wales, Australia.


This site is based on a simple and eternal Esoteric Principle:

The esoteric principle is that we are love – innately and, unchangeably. The principles of the esoteric way of life date back to the oldest forms of knowledge and wisdom. Whilst ancient in their heritage, the principles of the esoteric life in human form have not out-dated themselves in relation to what is required of mankind to live in harmony and thus arrest any wayward conduct that does not build brotherhood within and amongst our communities everywhere.

The esoteric means that which comes from our inner-most. It is the livingness of love that we all carry equally deep within and it is this livingness that restores each and every individual back into the rhythms of their inner-harmony and thus from there, the love is lived with all others.

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UniMed News and Upcoming Events


Neil GambleCurrent coverage of Universal Medicine by Jane Hansen in the Sunday Telegraph brings into sharp focus questions of the quality of media leadership in this country.

Whilst the complete absence of professionalism on the part of Jane Hansen is obvious, it seems her lies and deceit are really just small parts of this picture.

It is clear that the bigger issue at stake here is that The Telegraph now knows that they got this entire story diametrically wrong and that its agent Hansen has tried to do great personal harm to innocent people. By contrast, there is actually a great story to be told rather than the miserable hatchet job that Hansen trumped up; we can leave that for a journalist with vision. What Jane Hansen did was similar behaviour at The Telegraph’s sister company The News of The World during the phone tapping saga. The bigger issue here is whether the leadership of The Telegraph will simply wait until the regulator and lawyers come knocking or will it be a good corporate citizen and come forward with double page apologies now that it knows it has deeply wronged? At issue here is the already tarnished media industry’s reputation.


Universal Medicine Media release regarding College of Universal Medicine dismissed complaintThe College of Universal Medicine (CoUM) has been vindicated, with the baseless complaint made against it by Bangalow resident, Lance Martin being dismissed. The Office of Liquor, Gaming and Racing (OLGR) the government office responsible for charities in NSW, stated that their enquiries –

 “Did not disclose any evidence to suggest the CoUM had breached the Charitable Fundraising Act 1991 or conditions attached to its charitable fundraising authority.”

The College of Universal Medicine is a newly formed Charity that ‘is dedicated to promoting true health and well-being based on the teachings of the Ageless Wisdom...by founding a metaphysical school and conducting workshops, lectures and courses and an extensive publishing program.’

The complaint against the College of Universal Medicine was the most recent of a round of vindictive complaints initiated by Lance Martin, as part of his vengeful crusade to ‘bring Universal Medicine down’. 


Universal Medicine Media Statement

In relation to the recent article by Jane Hansen printed in the Sunday Telegraph entitled "Doctor sent woman for two years of new age healing in a galaxy far, far away for a cough – costing her $35,000" and a subsequent news report on Channel 9 with the title "Woman with cough billed $35k by 'esoteric healers'", Universal Medicine issues the following statement and corrections.


Lismore People's Choice Award Business Excellence Universal Medicine

In a testament to its local – and international – word-of-mouth-built reputation, Goonellabah-based complementary healing clinic Universal Medicine was last night named “The People’s Choice” at this year’s Lismore Business Excellence Awards!

Deborah Benhayon, the clinic’s financial officer, accepted the honour on behalf of the business at the awards ceremony at Lismore City Hall.

Speaking briefly, Deborah attributed Universal Medicine’s success – from its first incarnation in 1999 to the opening of its modern clinic in 2009 – to its absolute dedication to the care and well-being of its clients.


Serge Benhayon Lance Martin Bangalow

One month after a complaint about the independent student-run charity, College of Universal Medicine, was lodged by Bangalow resident Lance Martin, Serge Benhayon, Universal Medicine founder, yesterday stated that he was "certain the complaint will soon be dismissed.”

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