A short history of Jane Hansen’s coverage of Universal Medicine

It seems that while her ‘news’paper has a readership of 1.2 million and a record of printing absolute fiction (and that is being generous) about Universal Medicine, Jane Hansen feels she is being ‘cyber abused’ when people write articles or make comment that expose her shoddy practices.

To Serge Benhayon:

And regarding the cyber abuse you talk about, will (sic) I’ve had a fair taste of it since I wrote a valid story regarding the complaint to OLGA. 

So I have had a fair taste of what detractors have endured for questioning Universal Medicine. This is a valid story’

The valid story Hansen refers to above is:

June 2014

Hansen publicises a complaint lodged by Lance Martin to the Office of Liquor Gaming and Racing that is later thrown out as not even worthy of investigation.

The outcome of the bogus complaint is never publicised by Hansen who was alerted to the vexatious nature of the complainant well before the story went to print.

Further indiscretions:

A short history of Jane Hansen’s Universal Medicine ‘coverage.’

Hansen sees fit to publicise the imaginings of a cyber-bully as national news.

Hansen gives column space to a woman pseudonymously known as ‘Darkly Venus’ who ‘imagines’ she might have been sexually abused by Serge Benhayon if she had allowed it. She wasn't, and there has never been the slightest hint of impropriety by anyone at Universal Medicine, but Hansen sees fit to air these baseless claims. The word ‘grooming’ is used in the title of this piece without logic other than its negative association with paedophilia for a headline grab that will have maximum damaging effect.

Jane Hansen publishes a story that makes the claim that a woman has spent ‘$35,000 for a mere cough.’

Records show the woman in question had not spent a cent of this supposed sum at Universal Medicine.

Hansen uses photo of young children without Mother's consent

Hansen, without consent, uses a photo of Sarah Baldwin with her two young children alongside her ex-partner Matt Sutherland, a man who claimed he was ‘being controlled’ by Serge Benhayon and that this went as far as what he ate as well, falsely claiming he was forced onto diet of lamb and peas. He went on to claim he had spent thousands of dollars at Universal Medicine courses when in reality he was granted free or discounted entry due to his ongoing financial struggles. Sarah Baldwin was never phoned, faxed or emailed for verification from Hansen regarding these false claims. Sarah Baldwin notes that “Jane Hansen has proven she is incapable of doing even the bare minimum in regards to researching her facts; she supported the ridiculous claim that I only eat a diet of lamb and peas when I run one of the most successful cafes on the North Coast.”

For a background as to the extent and breadth of her misreporting see: