More concocted controversy

In Jane Hansen’s email to Serge Benhayon on Thursday March 5th, amongst the more absurd of her ‘inquiries’ was the question-come-accusation that Serge Benhayon was trying to ‘censor the internet’ via private investigators.

Censor the Internet. Really? That was a question framed by a working journalist?

How many PI's would it take to do that exactly, to censor the entire Internet?  

She is of course referring to Universal Medicine's completely reasonable attempts to have de-listed links to blogs and articles that wrongfully accuse Serge Benhayon of lies as diverse as money laundering, to false sexual abuse claims, all without a shred of evidence.

In what world any reasonable person wouldn’t move to get these kind of lies removed is beyond us, but reason it would appear is beyond Jane.

We ask Jane Hansen – if she woke up to find a national paper was insinuating that she was a financially corrupt sexual predator who was grooming her readership, would she take measure to make sure that lie was redressed?

This is not the silencing of 'critics' as Jane Hansen will conveniently frame it but the necessary clean up left to the innocent party after an extensive campaign of harassment ­online and off – the digital debris left by internet trolls and cyber bullies whose remit to 'bring Universal Medicine down' sees them proliferating as much murky and alarmist innuendo as possible. Indeed, calling them cyber-bullies is being very generous, and in no way illustrates the extent of their stalking, obsessive and highly concerning behavior towards the Benhayon family and hundreds of others.

Since the beginning of the press abuse initiated by Martin and taken up by Esther Rockett soon after, Universal Medicine has, as any business in the same boat would do, enlisted the support of an Internet Reputation Management Company to support with removing the offending material. 

Recently the Internet Reputation Company which Universal Medicine has hired since 2012, Phoenix Global, has been in the news regarding the conduct of one of the owners. No doubt Jane Hansen will attempt to create a link between this controversy and Universal Medicine where none exists. Universal Medicine can make no comment on Phoenix Global in the news as we have worked directly with the Internet Reputation Manager Zach Featherstone, a young man whose conduct we have always found to be exemplary.