Email exchange between Jane Hansen and Serge Benhayon

Senior Journalist Jane Hansen in action: Little more than 24 hours was given to Serge Benhayon to answer these questions and we note that the team at Universal Medicine Facts were not contacted for comment at all.

Date: 5 March 2015 10:35:24 am AEDT
Subject: Sunday Telegraph
From: "Hansen, Jane" 
To: Serge Benhayon 

Hello Mr Benhayon

This Sunday I am writing a story regarding how Universal Medicine deals with it's critics.

My question is whether these blogs put out by the Facts team are written on direction from you?

Do you think the techniques - the criticism, the abuse, the name calling and attacks on credibility are appropriate?

Does UM embark on social media campaigns to destroy reputations and is there a direction to key word load and share to smear people via Google? 

Why does UM hire private investigators to censor the internet? 

AS a courtesy I am letting you know that my deadline is 5pm Friday 6.3.15. (this is standard practice for all media requests)

Jane Hansen 


On 6 March 2015 at 06:54, Serge Benhayon wrote:

Dear Ms Hansen

Firstly, as a matter of mutual courtesy I am also giving you until 5pm 6th March 2015 to reply to my email. (I will have you note that this is not my standard custom but given that you use your ‘media’ position to abuse me and my business Universal Medicine with your very personal ill informed agenda and aided by the Cyber Abuse group you are associated with, I will consider it fair on the basis that this is not the first time you have attempted this ploy whilst I am overseas).

Secondly, and do take note: it is a categorical ‘No’, I have not hired any ‘private investigator’ to censor any one person, group or any blogs. I have, however, hired an Internet Reputation Group to assist in the removal of the lies and the offending material on the Internet. My guess is that most would do likewise given the extent of the lies and the incessant need to have them believed by the beleaguered disparagers. And so, that’s a ‘No’ Ms Hansen, I have not hired any ‘private investigator’ to censor anyone just in case you missed it. And here is another clear ‘no’ for you:  it is a categorical ‘No’ to the question on whether the blogs you refer to are written or directed by me. I trust that you are able to print at least this much truth. That said Ms Hansen; you do know they are not ‘written on direction’ by me as it is clearly stated on the website under your ire. A simple research will demonstrate that fact.

With those clarifying facts out of the way, I can move to further address your discrimination and intimidation, a factor backed by real facts, yes facts, you cannot escape Ms Hansen. On the subject of your strategic accusations, on which no doubt you will base your story, you need to look no further than the hate campaign conducted by Esther Rockett and her source Lance Martin who, through their trolling and cyber abuse activities, you have chosen to align yourself. Given that that you know them well Ms Hansen, you have access to their sites to research your story and can also see very clearly that, whatever your personal grievances might be, you should not print lies.

On the subject of lies Ms Hansen, Ira McClure did not spend a single cent on any service provided by Universal Medicine or myself. It’s very simple isn’t it – not a cent means not a cent. As for your article that states Ira McClure spent $35,000, well, other than a plain lie you chose to run with, I cannot recall any mathematical equation that can turn zero cents into thirty five thousand dollars. But that lie is just the mere tip of it, is it not Ms Hansen?

On the subject of your last article, and I repeat myself here, I predicted the outcome with regard to Lance Martin’s little fury releasing itself by abusing yet again another government agency, this time, the NSW Office of Liquor, Gaming and Racing (OLGR). You see Ms Hansen, I have chosen to deal with the likes of Lance Martin and his mouthpiece Esther Rockett by welcoming with openness and full transparency all the false accusations, and hence the vexatious complaints, that the pair have been presenting to various Government departments. How much money does a baseless hate campaign cost the Australian Government? Now, Ms Jane Hansen, there’s a story, the story of wasting taxpayer’s money and crucial time and resources on nothing but false accusations. On the very good and planned side of the ledger, on our part of course, is the fact that we have amassed a great volume of facts and outcomes with regard to the lies being hurled at me, my business, and those who choose to use our services. As to the facts, on our side, I will remind you that we were not even requested or required by the OLGR to submit a response to Lance Martin’s attempt to pull another of his imagined trump cards. The NSW OLGR simply saw through the mendacities.

Did you, Ms Hansen, do the right thing by the Australian people and print the outcome of the story you concocted?  No. And that level of disregard for your readers will eventually find its right outcome also.

And here is another question for you Ms Hansen: are you as a journalist in collusion with liars, Trolls and Cyber Abusers?

May I remind you that I have extensive factual evidence when I say – ‘liars, Trolls and Cyber Abusers’, and I am very aware of the sources of your ‘articles’, if they can be called that. In this regard, and under the same question, I would like to ask you to explain, in defined detail, what you signify is ‘the criticism, the abuse, the name calling and attacks on credibility’ when taking into account the often vile and demeaning blogs perpetuated and encouraged by Esther Rockett and Lance Martin?

I could go on, Ms Hansen, such as asking you for evidence of Lance Martin’s claim that he and his then wife now ex wife spent $70,000 at Universal Medicine, an amount that was never spent and thus Martin cannot prove it, but I won’t in this communiqué.

And so, may I conclude by stating that exposing credibility is the right of every human being when lies are being written about one’s business, about them as a person along with many others who are targeted and, in this particular case, when the journalist who is supporting these lies refuses to correct them even when provided with the fact that the complaint YOU based your story on was baseless. Remember, Ira McClure did not spend a cent with Universal Medicine, you printed that story and YOU supported and took to print the fabricated stories of Lance Martin and Matthew Sutherland about their ex partners, without the slightest bare minimum of decency extended to the women concerned as to their version of events.

I have heard some say that ‘truth has a funny way of showing itself’, I say, truth has a very meticulous path that it follows as it inevitably surfaces for all to clearly see.

In truth,
Serge Benhayon


Date: 6 March 2015 7:53:04 am AEDT
Subject: Re: Sunday Telegraph
From: "Hansen, Jane" 
To: Serge Benhayon 

NO, Serge, journalists are never in "collusion" with the people they interview. I did not know you are overseas. And regarding the cyber abuse you talk about, will I've had a fair taste of it since I wrote a valid story regarding the complaint to OLGA. 

So I have had a fair taste of what detractors have endured for questioning Universal Medicine. This is a valid story.

Thank you for your response.     

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