A point in the making … something to consider about biology

The following is an excerpt from a study on biology based on the teachings of Serge Benhayon.

by Nykole Sargent, Current student of Molecular Biology and Life in-truth, A.A.S., A.H.S., A.S.
Utah, USA

"Over the last several months I have studied Molecular Biology and Physiology at the University of Utah. Cellular respiration, or “how the body gets its energy”, was a very central topic that was discussed in both classes. After countless hours (>100) of listening to the professor’s lecture on this topic, and then one hour of listening to Esoteric Medicine’s presentation #16, I have come to these conclusions, which I would like to share with you… "

Biology is a great part of the esoteric teachings in-truth.
However, the way biology is intellectually understood today far limits its ability to serve humanity.

Being that biology is the study of life, should it not be one of the most basic and understood concepts for everyone, since we all are in-fact living? And in that living, as Universal Medicine teaches, how to best live so that our lives are congruent in and with this body we carry around with us, and do everything with. How is it then that most everyone I talk to finds biology courses to be complicated? The only ones that can claim to understand biology the way it is taught today are those that can match its intellectual stimulation. It is basically foreign to all others. This very fact shows that biology has long lost its essence, since it is actually within us all.

To read the complete paper – download the attached PDF below.

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